Justin Bieber: “To start something new you have to stop something old.What are you living for? What is your calling? Set standards and boundaries #begreat” (http://instagram.com/p/tPVD4IgvlP/)
Mayer Hawthorne: “└A #PictureTime #SSMF” (http://instagram.com/p/tPUBjhRaxO/)
Paris Hilton: “Thank you @GlamSquadNYC! Love your glam app! 💕 @AprilChristina & @CourtneyPK did an amazing job with my hair & makeup! Loves it 💋” (http://instagram.com/p/tPSGSJKgP-/)
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Paris Hilton: “🗽” (http://instagram.com/p/tPNBTEqgKT/)
Calvin Harris: “#JohnNewman #LoveMeAgain” (http://instagram.com/p/tPKEYBN3PY/)
Paris Hilton: “Being a Tourist in NYC. 🗽” (http://instagram.com/p/tPLqlRKgJO/)
Alexa Chung: “Morninggg 🇬🇧👀⭐🌞” (http://instagram.com/p/tPI93tGoQH/)
Kim Kardashian: “I’m so lucky #MyFineAssHusband” (http://instagram.com/p/tPIy_OOS3n/)
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Calvin Harris: “#JohnNewman #Blame” (http://instagram.com/p/tPBAJPN3Hh/)
Calvin Harris: “Las Vegas 2014 @theohurts” (http://instagram.com/p/tO-YoGN3Ev/)
Lena Dunham: “AVC starring in a classic coming of age film about awakenings & rain” (http://instagram.com/p/tO-GV4C1DC/)
Emmy Rossum: “Gentle folk, behold our #GreenKnight. #medievaltimes” (http://instagram.com/p/tO4TVeo9fX/)
Paris Hilton: “#GoodTimes celebrating with the #BirthdayBoy @Vlad_Ivanov7 at @LaEsquina with the crew @Modistrani @MylesPimental @MegLegs11 @Constantin_G @Henri_The_3rd. #NYC 🗽” (http://instagram.com/p/tO2sYCqgCb/)